A message from the AD Council.

Where are my neighbors?


Game Over for Micro$oft

SubNet Mask Table

What is  CGI-Exec 1.2.4
(Frontend Decoder to CGI Scripts)

Make QR
(A wrapper script in bash for libqrencode)

24Bit Hexa-Decimal Color Table

Name Color Table

John F. Kennedy Speeches

AM Stereo


Schematic & PCB Pad Shapes for Dia ZIP TAR
(RPM Older version. Use Zip or Tar instead.)

Voltage & r' of Semiconductor PN Junctions

High Performance Phono PreAmp

DUAL 604 Alignment Protractor

Ortofon OM Alignment Tool

Technics SL-1200 Alignment Protractor

Ortofon 2M Alignment Tool

For instructions on use of protractors and
cartridge templates go to the phono pre-amp page.

Both Protractors & Cartridge Templates

(Never The Same Color)

SpreadSheet for Calculating Ports for LoudSpeakers

HTML Macro for the The SemWare Editor Junior v4.0

King James Bible & Apocrypha

Find the Black Dot
(Tile as Wallpaper)


BS Bingo

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