Make QR

A bash wrapper script for Lib QR Encode

Make QR (mkqr) is a wrapper script written in bash for libqrencode.
(IF you can't get libqrencode from this website then it can be obtainedhere.)
It will take input from the command line and check it for proper format.
The retrieving and checking of input is done with the get_string function
and they can both be downloaded here in a tar ball.

This uses 'zenity' for --color-selection and --file-selection options
but the default version of 'zenity' on CentOS 6 (Redhat Enterprise)
is 2.2.8. A 2.32 version was built to get the --color-selection option and
is available in binary i686 & x86_64 RPM formats from the Ferora Core
14 SRPM. A plain tarball for zenity 2.32.1 is available here.

J. S. Gilstrap

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